October 11, 2016



We’d love to welcome you at our Sunday 10:30 am worship service

What to expect

You can expect a warm welcome, a smile, some conversation, and the opportunity to worship God.

Our church is easy to find; we’re located across from Westminster Abbey, in Mission BC (see map below).

Mission Alliance has a pretty relaxed atmosphere. We’re a community of all ages and backgrounds.  Most people wear something they find comfortable, so you’ll see a full range from “office casual” to jeans and running shoes.

Kids. If you have kids, we provide nursery care as well as Kidz Church classes. There’s a primary class for children aged 3 up to grade 4, and a preteen class for children in grades 5-8. You can pick up a tag for them in the foyer before the service starts. Your kids will sit with you in the service for the first 20-30 minutes so they experience life in the gathered church.  Later, there’ll be an announcement inviting them to go upstairs for Kidz Church. We ask that you’d take them to their class room and sign them in. You can pick them up there at the end of the service.

Worship Service.  As you come into the church building you’ll receive a Bulletin with weekly announcements. Find a seat anywhere you like – if you need help, just ask.  Our service includes songs, hymns, prayers, Bible reading, community announcements and testimonies, followed by preaching that is Bible-based and relevant to life. The service will close about 75 minutes after it began.

On the first Sunday of the month, the service includes the celebration of Communion, served either row-by-row or at a station at the front of the sanctuary (instructions will be given for participation, so don’t worry).

The Offering is also part of our worship. We want you to feel welcome as our guest, with no pressure to give. Our regular attendees will put their contributions in the offering tray as it’s passed. If you’re visiting, your “offering” for the morning can be the Connection Card you’ll find in the Bulletin (just fill it out and put it into the offer tray as it’s passed). On the first Sunday of the month we have an additional “Benevolent” Offering used for the support of people in need.

After the service, we hope you will stay around for a while, meet some people and enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks (often freshly baked goods!). For many in our church the morning would not be complete without this time of fellowship. Church is about God and worship, but it’s also about community and friendship, so we hope you’ll really experience warmth and friendliness at Mission Alliance Church.

Sunday Morning in a nutshell…

10:30 am Worship Service

Partway: Children go to Kidz Church

Around 11:45: Coffee and refreshments


We’re located at 34203 Dewdney Trunk Road (across from Westminster Abbey), in Mission, BC.