November 22, 2018





Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: 6:00 pm

Come celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with us. Our Christmas service will be on Christmas Eve at 6:00 pm. This candlelight-style service will include the familiar Christmas Carols, the reading of the nativity story, and a short Christmas message.


The weeks leading up to Christmas are known as the period of Advent. The term is from a Latin word that means “coming.” During Advent, we prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ. We celebrate His first coming, and we anticipate His Second Coming.

Every Sunday of Advent (starting December 2nd) we will light another Advent Candle. These candles symbolise Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace, and Love. We also bring back the Christmas Carols and will sing some of them each Sunday.

In a sense, Advent is a journey. It’s a journey toward the Christ. This year, our Bible readings will mostly come from the book of the Prophet Isaiah and speak about the coming of the Messiah (or Christ). Every Sunday we will learn about another aspect of our Advent journey, and add a new object to our (imaginary) backpack. Will you join us?